New direction

On Monday, my boss was laid off. Those of you who know about my work life last year know that it was not a big loss.

It means that the few employees who are left will be charting the direction of the company. I'm nervous. But, for the first time in over a year, I feel like my destiny is mine to control.

The Backfire Effect

Interesting article. Two political scientists gave two politically similar groups (such as both conservative or both liberal) a statement they were inclined to believe and then one group was given information that refuted that statement.

As a group, liberals tended to ignore the refutations that ran counter to their beliefs. So, the percentage that believed the original statement was similar in both groups.

As a group, conservatives who heard the refutations were MORE likely to believe the original statement than the group that didn't (by a significant margin).

The theories about why this happens are interesting.

A Q&A with the authors of the paper:

Vegas baby, VEGAS

As some of you know, last I left my job at "big e-commerce company" to work for a small startup.

This week is the show (NAB, National Association of Broadcasters) we've been working towards. It's make-or-break time.

I'm at the Las Vegas convention center getting ready for the show. We just got our electricity. Now we are waiting for our tables. It's going to be long, boring day.

Most likely followed by several days of complete chaos.